20 October 2020

SwissClub Marine x Saxdor Yachts in Cyprus



Saxdor Yachts presents its new family member in Cyprus – SwissClub Marine.


SwissClub Marine is a division of SwissClub Life which aims to provide members interested in boats and yachts the privilege of experiencing a new, more enjoyable way of living by understanding their needs, wants and lifestyle.

We offer hassle-free management and maintenance of boats and yachts providing a high standard of services while ensuring that our members enjoy more free time, minimum effort while maximising utilisation and minimising costs.  

SwissClub Marine provides boat/ yacht options ranging from a variety of dealerships. Our services range from chartering, after-sales support, maintenance, management, supplies, berthing, and marine insurance, targeting sizes of boats from 18 feet, up to yachts of 140 feet.

Our team is made up of experts who are all highly experienced in their field. Members can expect to be offered the advice and support they need. We are committed to understanding our members’needs and are constantly gaining knowledge and prowess to be there for them. Whether the need is in the form of advice on the perfect boat/ yacht for a member or the “how-to”, we are happy to assist our members to enjoy a hustle-free boating lifestyle.

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