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From Finland with love

Saxdor Yachts is a privately owned Finnish premium boat producer with head office located in Helsinki. Her daughter company Saxdor Shipyard is located in Elk, Poland. The team behind the brand is experienced and award-winning. Sakari Mattila, the founder of Saxdor, has also founded Aquador, Paragon, XO boats and Axopar.


Extending our fleet

Our fleet consists of 4 model size categories: 20, 27, 32 and 40 foot boats and there is much more in the pipeline. Saxdor concept and cutting-edge design make our boats unique.  The vision of the design team comes from deep understanding of the boat markets and the customer needs. Saxdor hulls deliver a unique driving experience with less fuel consumption, which is one of the core elements of the concept. The boats are offered with surprisingly good value.

We partner with best brands in the industry:  Brunswick, Navico, Simrad, Mercury. All our boats come with Mercury engines.

We are here for you

Saxdor brand stands for performance, design and more value for your money. We strongly believe in making cutting edge, powerful boats that are a pleasure to use and always offer more value for the money – we really want you to enjoy your every moment in them!


Saxdor is selling boats through a network of over 100 dealers in more than 50 countries.
Our dealers visited the new Shipyard in Elk, Poland.



The demand on our boats has been strong from the beginning and Saxdor is one of the fastest growing boat companies in Europe. Since 2019 Saxdor has produced over 1000 boats. With new shipyard, we are able to speed up the production significantly. Today, Saxdor employs almost 500 people in Finland and Poland.

Saxdor is selling boats through a network of over 100 dealers in more than 50 countries.

Award-winning Saxdor

Saxdor has won and has been nominated in several internationally recognized prestigious boating awards. Saxdor 320 GTO is the WINNER of the Motorboat award. The award is judged purely  on the boats’ design, ability and value for money. Saxdor 200 is the WINNER of the Best of Boat award. The expert jury from 15 nations has decided upon the very best motorboats of the year. Saxdor 200 is also the WINNER of the European Powerboat of the Year. The criteria are workmanship, safety, driving behavior, design, distribution of space, and price-performance ratio.

Saxdor Awards
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