Saxdor 320 GT


SKY is the limit

Saxdor 320 GT drives like no other because of its refined, economic and performance-oriented hull design. The GT is simply the GTO without a roof. A low center of gravity, low weight, sharp entry, and a twin stepped hull create a unique driving experience in all kinds of seas and weathers across the world.

Model: 320 GT
€137 000 $151 100 Starting price with two Mercury 200 hp V6 engines (excl. VAT)* Starting price with two Mercury 200 hp V6 engines (excl. VAT)* *Suggested retail price excl. VAT and other applicable taxes, freight and handling fees
Model: 320 GT
€137 000 $151 100 Starting price with two Mercury 200 hp V6 engines (excl. VAT)* Starting price with two Mercury 200 hp V6 engines (excl. VAT)* *The recommended retail price excludes any taxes, freight or transport costs, duties, handling and pre-delivery costs. For the final confirmed quote, please contact your local MarineMax dealer.


Saxdor 320 GT hull is resin infused which will result lighter and stiffer molding. The hull gives nice and soft ride. Twin steps ensure it maintains a wonderfully flat running attitude when planing. The grip is prodigious.

Maximum power comes from twin 300 hp Mercurys. 320 GT will achieve a top speed of well over 50 knots with an optimum cruising band between 20 and 40 knots. The single V8 engine with 300 hp provides a 40-knot top speed with cruising speed close to 30 knots.

Crafted for unmatched comfort, the 320 GT delivers an exhilarating, enjoyable, smooth, dry, and effortlessly maneuverable ride.


Freedom to move

Saxdor 320 GT changes the game of movement on board. If you're looking to maximize the sun, then the GT is your answer. Saxdor believes in the luxury of unused space and the GT is no different.


Originating from a vision to create a boat fleet that has never existed before, Saxdor boats are built with the highest standards of cutting-edge technologies and attention to safety.


Party under the sun

The GT is made for people who love to spend countless hours under the sun. And yes, you can escape to the roomy cabin when needed.

image 13

Spacious Cabin for two

There is a spacious cabin for two adults and a toilet too. Great for weekend trips under the sun!


Quality in every detail

Beautiful colour combinations and loads of more eye candy. The GT is both fun to drive and watch.


Length 10.28 m / 33 ft 7 in 33 ft 7 in
Beam 3.10 m / 10 ft 2 in 10 ft 2 in
Draft 0.86 m / 3 ft 1 in 3 ft 1 in
Passengers B: 6 / C: 9
Classification B Offshore / C Coastal
Fuel tank 428 L / 113 gal 113 gal
Water tank 117 L / 30.9 gal 30.9 gal
Outboard engines 300 hp - 600 hp
Cruising speed 32 – 45 kts
Construction Vacuum infused GRP
Hull design Twin-stepped V20° Hull

Specifications may be changed without prior notice.
Performance may vary due to equipment, weather and load conditions.


Discover Pricing and ALL Essential Details

Starting MSPR $151 100*

Starting MSPR €137 000*

*The manufacturer's suggested retail price does not include the tax (VAT), costs of batteries, fire extinguishers or additional costs covering expenses for delivery, loading, off-loading, transport cradle, pre-delivery inspection, and taxes. Saxdor retains the right to modify the specifications of our models without prior notice.

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