12 October 2021

Dutch Power Boat of the Year 2021 Winner – Saxdor 320 GTO


When evaluating the Saxdor 320 GTO, the professional jury of the Dutch Powerboat of the Year 2021, sees a versatile and accessible boat with a refreshing, innovative design. The boat appeals to a young audience and offers various inventive solutions that optimize the space onboard with its modern design. For example, the benches in the open cockpit can be folded in different ways so that passengers can watch the sailing direction with several people, dine from the back or create a large sunbed. Furthermore, a fold-out section on either side of the hull makes the open cockpit one meter wider in a speedy transition.

The speed characteristics of the Saxdor 320 GTO are entirely in line with the boat’s appearance, sleek and sporty. The boat is also very manoeuvrable, is easy to steer, glides smoothly with the bow.

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