27 August 2020

Introducing Saxdor’s Superstars from Seacastle AB in Sweden!


Every boating brand knows that they would be nothing without their family members around the world. This inspired us to start a series of short stories to give you an idea of all the amazing resellers we are working together with around the year. First up is our family member from Sweden, Seacastle’s CEO Fredrik Sjöborg who will give some thoughts on Saxdor . We hope you like it, or should we say “vi hoppas att du gillar den”. 

About Seacastle AB:

Founded in 2007 and currently operating from Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, Seacastle is one of Saxdor Yachts’ official dealers in Scandinavia. The company, offering sales and in-house maintenance services, is known for its attention to detail and client-oriented customer service.  

‘’Leaving the boat to us is both safe and easy for the customer. Our knowledgeable staff takes care of it during the darkest months of the year. We offer everything from launching, washing, and conservation, to coverage, polishing, and bottom painting,” said Fredrik Sjöborg, Seacastle CEO. 

“Swedish boat enthusiasts are already on board” 

Sjöborg knows that it takes time to build a new brand among customers, but he believes this is not the case with Saxdor. “The name of Saxdor’s head designer Sakari Mattila is already well-known among boat enthusiasts in Sweden,” he said. “We love the brand because of its dynamic and innovative design concept. For the first time in my entire career, I feel like I need to accelerate my capabilities to keep up with the production speed from Saxdor as our supplier,” Sjöborg added

Beyond expectations” 

Seacastle can’t hide its content when it comes to the company’s first Sadxor 200 orders. “It was beyond expectations in terms of design and the technical quality,” Sjöborg said. “We are in close contact with Saxdor’s production team and received direct support from the management,” he added.  

Offering its services from a historical location of the Kyrkviksvarvet shipyard, Seacastle has a reputation among local boating enthusiasts to maintain. The facility, built in 1917, has been modernized, and due to its central location is well-known by the locals.   


“Counting down days for the 320” 

Before the official launch of Saxdor 320 model in Sweden last month, Sjöborg admitted that his company has never seen as much interest in any model based only on its sketch as it received regarding Saxdor 320. “We received countless requests from our clients on a daily basis and felt as if we were all counting the days to the premiere altogether,” Sjöborg said.  

From Saxdor to Fredrik and the whole team: We are so happy to have you onboard!!


Visit Seacastle AB:


Seacastle AB Varvsvägen 1, 181 46 Lidingö, Sweden


Seacastle AB, Bjölavägen 15, 421 66 Västra Frölunda, Sweden

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