07 January 2021

Boote Magazine 01/2021 sea trial Saxdor 200


The Saxdor 200 Sport model for beginners to get: with the 100 hp Mercury engine (alternatively: 115 hp) and ready-to-drive, functional equipment.

The Saxdor 200 Pro Sport, which is intended for the more experienced boater, not only has sophisticated, more elegant equipment with a sports steering wheel, trim tabs, and a soft anti-slip coating on the foredeck but also has sportier engines between 150 and 175 hp in its repertoire.

Regardless of the variant – the Saxdor already makes a good impression on the jetty and looks almost like a shrunk mega-yacht tender. As an alternative to the standard jockey bench (three seats), both test boats have two rows of seats with four seats.

Read more the article about Saxdor 200 sea trial on Boote Magazine website and print article.

Watch the video on Boote TV.


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