21 October 2023

Saxdor Yachts makes its debut with a fleet of three at FLIBS 2023


Saxdor Yachts, recently recognized as “the fastest-growing brand in Europe,” is set for a premiere on a United States public stage at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, to be held from the 25th to the 29th of October. The prominent event marks Saxdor’s inaugural appearance in one of the most pivotal markets in the yachting industry, presenting a fleet that caters perfectly to overseas owners, with advanced modern design.

Spotlighting the Saxdor 270 GTO, Saxdor 320 GTO, and Saxdor 320 GTC in Florida, the brand aims to underscore its range’s expansive and open living areas for an American audience. This forray into the U.S. market is powered by MarineMax, Saxdor’s dealer in the region, counting on them for robust support and a powerful collaboration that will facilitate the brand’s introduction into the American market.

Saxdor has experienced exponential growth since its inception, producing over 1000 boats since 2019 and employing more than 400 workers across Finland and Poland, all while expanding globally through a network of over 100 dealers present in more than 50 countries. The new shipyard built to accelerate production is a testament to the robust demand for Saxdor Yachts.

As Saxdor transfers its fleet to Fort Lauderdale, FLIBS attendees can anticipate a firsthand look at the brand’s distinguished models that are architecturally and technologically advanced, in addition to offering an authentic and immersive boating experience. With the U.S. being a crucial market in the yachting industry, Saxdor’s presence at the nation’s largest boat show signifies its global expansion and specific outreach to American boating enthusiasts.

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