25 January 2022

Saxdor’s Superstars : Vrtinc Navtika from Slovenia


Located on the northern shore of the Adriatic Sea in Slovenia, Vrtinc Navtika is a Saxdor dealer that outsmarted local geography. With less than 47 kilometers of Slovenian coastline at its disposal, the company added a range of boating services to its business, offering charter options along the 6000km-long coast of neighboring Croatia.

Today, after more than a decade in the industry, the company not only proudly represents the Saxdor brand in the area but also rents and services boats on the Slovenian market. “We’re all about the best outboard-powered boats in one place,” said Miha Tanko, Vrtinc Navtika’s co-owner. 

The last decade was dotted with many successes for the company. Some of the biggest projects Vrtinc Navtika is the proudest of are supplying and warranty maintenance of boats for the Slovenian Ministry of Interior, including the local police forces. Its collaboration with Saxdor began in 2021, and even though this late start put them behind other Saxdor dealers in the region, the first season turned out to be more than successful. “We sold all of them,” Tanko said about their sales milestones for the Saxdor 200 model. 

“Our collaboration with Saxdor can be described as highly professional yet relaxed, and definitely very exciting,” Tanko added. The company is in the process of building a Saxdor charter fleet in Slovenia, which, in Tanko’s opinion, is a great way of making boat ownership less expensive for the owners (charter management) and attracting new customers, who have the option to rent before buying the boat.

Despite the ongoing delays in the supply chain, the future is bright for Saxdor and Vrtinc Navtika collaboration. “We are committed to making Saxdors truly the best pleasure boats on the market,” Tanko said.

Contact Vrtinc Navtika:


Koprska ulica 96, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Mobi: +38641699325 / +38641276049



Thalhofweg 9, A-8344 Bad Gleichenberg, Austria


Mobi: +4368181734015


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