20 January 2021

Skipper-bootshandel magazine testing Saxdor 200 Sport


With the Saxdor boats, of which there are currently two extremely popular 20-foot versions, four 32-footers worth seeing are in the starting blocks and three 40-foot models with an elegant Nordic feel are in the planning stage, wanted and one will put an exclamation mark. The motto is obviously to be different from the competition. In view of the 5.94 x 2.29 m measuring Saxdor 200 Sport, which is always delivered to customers in a package with a Mercury outboard, it can only be said, mission accomplished!

The wedge-shaped plastic racer has an optimally balanced twin-step hull, which especially plays its trump cards in rough water use. As standard, the unloaded fun device weighing around 780 kg is supplied with a three-seater jockey bench. If the relatively daring jet ski character is a bit too much of a good thing, two optional front seats and a rear bench can provide “defuse”. In this case, the number of people limited by the applicable CE standard C increases from three to four.

Boats Pfister from Schwebheim near Schweinfurt and Argo Nautical GmbH in Neustadt are responsible for the professional German sales of Saxdor Yachts products.

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