29 January 2024

Saxdor Yachts surprise the market at Boot Düsseldorf with the Worldwide premiere of the Saxdor 400 GTC and the Announcement of 2 New Models


Saxdor Yachts held a press conference at Boot Düsseldorf to announce two more new models: a new flagship, the Saxdor 460 GTC, and the Saxdor 320 GTWA. The event was held at the brand’s stand, with the new Saxdor 400 GTC on display for her World Premiere. Attracting interest from across the nautical community, the brand’s latest 40-footer boasts a complete offer for seafaring families across Europe’s diverse climates. 

With the possibility to completely close the main deck with insulated glass on one hand, and to completely open it on the other, owners can expand their horizons and adapt to any scenario on board the Saxdor 400 GTC. The same design characteristics contribute to excellent visibility, natural illumination and an unparalleled sense of connection to nature. 

As the brand prepares to extend and enrich its range with the Saxdor 460 GTC and Saxdor 320 GTWA respectively, the Finnish brand is recommitting to its foundational pillars of value, performance and design. The surprise announcement of the two new models builds on the growth of the shipyard, which is expected to carry it to 100 million euros in revenue this year. Even as the range reaches up to 46 feet, Saxdor maintains a strong presence in the market of smaller boats as well. The Saxdor 270’s victory in the “Sportsboats under 30ft” category of the MBY attests to the brand’s persistent leadership.

Saxdor Yachts has grown quickly since 2020, expanding its team from 30 people to more than 500 in just 3 years. In the same period, revenue increased 15 times. Today, the brand’s production facilities cover more than 10000 square meters, and are poised to double, ensuring the increasing production of its growing line of motor yachts. Having sold out all its models available for 2024, the yard is consolidating the Finnish market by selling directly to consumers. At the same time, Saxdor’s dealer network remains robust abroad. 

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Marcello Conti
Sculati & Partners

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