Saxdor 270 GT

The sun lover

Open for pleasure

Meet your new best friend, the 270 GT! If you're a speed enthusiast who loves soaking up the sun, this is the perfect choice for you. The 270 GT is designed to embrace speed and maximize your enjoyment of sunny days. So, if you're looking for a way to satisfy your need for speed and bask in the warmth of the sun, look no further than this amazing vehicle—it's the ultimate choice for you!


Model: 270 GT
€84 900 Starting price with single Mercury 225 hp engine (excl. VAT)* *Suggested retail price excl. VAT and other applicable taxes, freight and handling fees

True driver's boat

Very deep V entry of the inverted bow reduces external impact, improving overall boat stability and enhancing the driving experience. Light and strong construction, built using vacuum infusion technique, gives you a watercraft that is trailable, and easy to launch and recover.


Superb performer

Now available with two Mercury V6 200 hp engines.

Enjoy the sun

The 270 GT is the ultimate choice for sun lovers. With twin sunbeds – one in the front and one in the aft — you’ll have more than enough room under the sun to kick back and relax whenever needed. Once you’re done, the aft sunbed can be put back together and serve you as a dining settee.

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Originating from a vision to create a boat fleet that has never existed before, Saxdor boats are built with the highest standards of cutting-edge technologies and attention to safety.

Saxdor 270 GTO wet bar

Full-size wet bar

A full-size wet bar, freshwater system, and a comfortable dining arrangement for up to six people. Hosting events has never been easier, and your chic party remains protected with a yacht-style glass fence with gates mounted in front of the engine.

Saxdor 270 GTO front cabin

Large front cabin

The large, airy front cabin is your next favorite hideout equipped with a two-person regular-size sleeping berth and plenty of natural light coming through skylight and hatches that optically enlarges the entire space.

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Toilet inside

A sanitary corner with a toilet and an additional sink also fits in to make your mornings onboard hassle-free.


Overall length excluding engine 8.45 m 27 ft 7 in
Beam 2.60 m 8 ft 5 in
Draft 0.92 m 3 ft 0 in
Passengers C: 7
Classification C Coastal
Berths 2
Fuel tank 300 l 79.3 gal
Water tank 80 l 21.1 gal
Outboard engines 225 - 400 hp
Cruising speed 32 – 45 knots
Construction Vacuum infused GRP
Hull design Twin-stepped V20° Hull

Specifications may be changed without prior notice. Performance may vary due to equipment, weather and load conditions.


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