01 December 2023

Get twice the performance: Limited edition for the Saxdor 270 GTO

Introducing the latest upgrade to our highly anticipated sportsboat of the year, the Saxdor 270 GTO—now available with twin engines, making it the ideal choice for those seeking enhanced power and performance.
In line with this upgrade, we are excited to present a limited edition for this standout model: When you purchase a 270 GTO, you can opt for two Mercury V6 engines for the price of a single V8. This exclusive offer is designed to express our commitment and dedication to deliver the best possible boat with the best possible value.
Seize this unique opportunity to customize your 270 GTO with twin engines, ensuring a more powerful and efficient boating experience. Explore the possibilities through our configurator and get a final quote from your local dealer today!

Saxdor 270 GTO Configurator

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