21 November 2023

Saxdor 270 GT Named Finalist in ‘Best for Fun’ Category at Best of Boats Award 2023


The Saxdor team is delighted to announce that the Saxdor 270 GT has been nominated as a finalist in the “Best for Fun” category at the Best of Boats Award 2023. This nomination underscores the boat’s blend of exhilarating performance and playful versatility.

In the “Best for Fun” category, where boats are judged for their versatility in watersports, adaptability to different crew needs, and sheer delight of the driving experience, the nomination of the Saxdor 270 GT comes as no surprise. With its deep V entry of the inverted bow, the 270 GT promises a stable and thrilling ride across various water conditions, catering to the sports enthusiast with grace. The addition of twin sunbeds encourages effortless enjoyment of the natural surroundings, offering an idyllic setting to appreciate the water’s tranquility and the warmth of the sunbeams. This, combined with its lightweight yet robust construction, makes the Saxdor 270 GT a reflection of the joy, adaptability, and innovative design that define fun boating.

The Best of Boats Award, globally recognized as the largest international motorboat award, is known for its focus on the boater’s point of view. Initiated in 2014 by experienced boat journalists from various countries and editorial offices, this award celebrates practicality and the genuine needs of boaters.

The jury, comprised of professionals from across Europe and the USA, brings extensive experience in boat testing. Their practical and comprehensive approach to evaluating boats emphasizes the needs and perspectives of active boaters.

This year, the annual Best of Boats Award ceremony is set for November 30, 2023, in Berlin, Germany, aligning with the opening day of the Boat & Fun Berlin boat show—a significant event that celebrates the most outstanding achievements in boat design and functionality.

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