12 November 2021

Saxdor Yachts debuts in Thailand


We are excited to announce that thanks to the recent collaboration with Motor Field Thailand, Saxdor Yachts set up shop in one of Asia’s most dynamic boat markets. A leader in sales and aftersales service in Thailand, Motor Field takes on the role of our official distributor and representative in the country, sharing with Saxdor customers more than two decades of professional experience.

Saxdor makes its 2021 debut on the local market with Saxdor 200 Pro Sport; an award-winning design envisioned to be used as personal watercraft. The upcoming sea trials from Bangkok to Pattaya will provide all Saxdor 200 fans with the opportunity to see what the international buzz is all about.

First sea trial of Saxdor 200 from Bangkok to Pattaya vs Jetski.

More information about Saxdor Thailand: thailand@saxdor.com

For more information and booking test drive, please contact : Motor Field Thailand .

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